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Your Guide to Yellow Fever

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Are you visiting a tropical jungle, hiking, cycling or camping outdoors in South America or Africa? Then you need to get a Yellow Fever vaccination. The vaccination is particularly important if you are travelling to Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru or any African country near the equator.

What is Yellow Fever?

Yellow Fever can also be referred to as: yellow jack, black vomit, and occasionally as the ‘American Plague’. The disease is caused by a mosquito that is infected and transmits the virus by biting a human.  The cause is similar to West Nile and Dengue Fever viruses, but gets its name from the unique symptoms that yellow the skin and eyes.

How to Prevent Yellow Fever

To protect yourself from contracting Yellow Fever, you should visit our local travel medicine clinic. The Yellow Fever vaccine can be administered at least 10 days prior to travel and is 85 per cent effective. Furthermore, the vaccine is effective for 10 years or more.
A travel medicine physician will advise you on pre-departure vaccinations for your travels as well as any additional travel-products.  It is beneficial to consult an expert physician who will have up-to-date knowledge on new break outs and specifically on your own health condition(s) prior to travel. Our travel clinic will keep a record of your vaccinations which will make it easier for your next trip.

Do you Require Proof of Yellow Fever Vaccine?

Some countries will require that you show proof of Yellow Fever vaccination to enter.  It is important you visit a travel clinic that is a Yellow Fever vaccine centre certified by Health Canada.  Our clinic is certified Yellow Fever Vaccine by Health Canada.

How to Stay Protected from Mosquito Bites

  • Mosquitos are more active in the early hours after dawn and during the early evening. Avoid outdoor activity if possible or wear a protective net.
  • Keep your body covered with light clothing and wear a hat and boots or shoes.
  • Apply DEET repellent.
  • Stay in accommodation that is properly covered and air-conditioned, if possible. Avoid rural huts that will allow mosquitoes to enter. If camping outdoors, use a bed net.
  • Purchase insect repellent clothing treated with permethrin. This chemical is harmless to humans and is not easily absorbed in the skin. However, it is effective for up to two to six weeks and will protect against mosquitoes.

What Happens if You Get Sick?

If you experience fever-like symptoms including headache, joint pain, loss of appetite, fatigue, shivers, dehydration or yellowing if the skin and/or eyes, consult a medical physician immediately. Most symptoms take three to five days to occur. There is no treatment for Yellow Fever but support for particular symptoms. Prevention is the only measure against Yellow Fever.

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