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What Do Canadian Families Need to Know About Dental Care?

Many Canadian families are unaware that dental care should be an essential part of your yearly health care routine. There are two main parts to taking care of your dental health. First, you must do your part at home by brushing and flossing on a regular basis. Second, you should see your dental care provider at least once or twice per year to make sure that serious dental problems like cavities have not become an issue.

Take Care of Your Teeth at Home

When you eat, small bits and particles of food can easily get caught between your teeth. Cleaning out the small spaces between your teeth can only be done by brushing and flossing. If you do not brush brush and floss regularly, tooth decay may become a problem. Over time, tooth decay can cause periodontal disease, which can make for major healthcare problems.

Dental care professionals recommend that you brush your teeth and floss at least twice per day. It’s important to brush and floss at night before you go to bed, and you can also brush and floss after you wake up in the morning. This will also help with bad breath.

If you want to take optimal care of your health, you might also consider brushing and flossing after you eat. This will help with bad breath and it will get small bits of food out from between your teeth right away so that they don’t rot there.

Visiting Your Dentist Regularly

Most healthcare professionals recommend that you see your dentist at least once per year for a routine check up. It’s even better to go in twice per year, but this is not financially possible for some families.

At this check up, a dental hygienist will clean your teeth, and the dentist will look in your mouth to see if you have any cavities. Periodically, you will also get x-rays to make sure that no cavities have started in the roots of your teeth or in the spaces between teeth and to make sure that your overall oral health is in a good state.

Finding Family Dental Care

Oral care should be an important part of your overall healthcare plan. If do you have children, they should be visiting a dental care provider at least once a year as soon as they have teeth showing through their gums.

Finding a dentist can be a challenge, but most Canadians are able to locate one through health insurance, the government or on recommendations from friends and family members. Just as with family doctors, it’s essential to form a lasting relationship with your dentist so that you can feel comfortable going to them for regular checkups and when you need extra dental care for problems or pain.

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