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The Canadian Government Moves to Regulate Vaping Products

The invention of modern e-cigarettes, commonly known as vaporizers can be credited to Han Lik, a Chinese pharmacist in the late 90s after lung cancer claimed his father’s life. Though older versions of the devices have been around since the 1950s, only the new Chinese version was able to make it to the Canadian market in mid-2000. So, what’s a vaporizer? Also known as a vape pen, a vaporizer is a handheld smoking simulation device that converts the liquid referred to as the e-juice to vapour which the user breathes in. Smokers get a nicotine hit by inhaling the nearly odourless vapour. The device is battery powered. The market is filled with a variety of vaporizers, and in most cases, the e-cigarettes are sold in standard ciggy-like packages that resemble traditional cigars.

The Technology behind Vaping

Vaporizers are simply comprised of a LED light, a source of heat and a power source. The batteries produce an efficient source of power for the series of coils that function as the source of heat thus vaporizing the juice. The LED light is just meant to make you feel at home. The devices can be customized, with some risks involved, to produce massive amounts of vapour/smoke to a section of the vaping population known as the cloud chasers.

Vaping and Marijuana Use

Just like with tobacco, vape pens offers a harm free approach to smoking marijuana. Hospitals in Calgary, Quebec, and Sherbrook use this method to administer medical marijuana to patients. The device efficiently extracts TCH from the herb and effectively decreases combustion which in turn reduces the risk of lung cancer related to marijuana smoking.

Vaping Regulation

Expect more restrictions on the use of vaporizers starting this fall. The Liberal Government is planning to regulate the use of vaping products in an attempt to reduce the prevalence of nicotine addiction among the younger generation. According to Health Canada, the move is meant to strike a balance between allowing adult smokers to buy e-cigarettes as well as other vaping products and at the same time protecting young people from using the avenue to develop addictions in substance abuse. The department, however, acknowledges that vaporizers are less harmful as compared to tobacco and offer a safe way to quit smoking. Shifting regulations in the absence of federal rules are posing a challenge to the vaping business in the country with provinces stepping in to regulate the use of vaporizers.

More Evidence

According to Jane Philpott, the federal health minister, the government needs to provide evidence on the long and short-term effects of vaping. The department is in the process of swotting scientific studies on the subject. Provinces such as Ontario are in the process of prohibiting indoor vaping as well as restricting the sale, promotion, and display of vaping products. You may be able to learn more at the DashVapes website.

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