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Sleep clinic: Bring your Sleep Back on Track

Insomnia or lack of sleep will make you wake up with morning headaches because you didn’t get quality sleep that gets you rested and refreshed. Insomnia is a common nightmare that affects your mood, health, energy, and the ability to function well during the day. Persistent lack of sleep can even contribute to severe health problems. Insomnia can be treated by adopting new habits like getting regular exercise, avoiding naps, wearing CPAP masks, among others. Do not give into sleepless nights if the above do not work. Visit a sleep clinic and seek advice, have a sleep study test done, and get treatment for your condition.

What does a sleep clinic do?

A sleep clinic has one or more physicians who are trained in sleep medicine. The clinic may also have support staff including nurses, physician assistants, medical assistants, or respiratory therapists. Depending on your underlying problem, various diagnostic and treatment options are offered at the sleep clinic. Before you settle for a particular sleep center, ensure they can address the following underlying sleep disorders.

  • Insomnia
  • Sleep apnea including upper airway obstruction and snoring
  • Parasomnias
  • Narcolepsy
  • Circadian rhythm disorders
  • Restless legs syndrome

After some basic consultation, you will be directed to a laboratory to have some sleep study tests done. After that, you will be issued with prescriptions like sleeping pills or stimulants. Equipment including a light box or Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Machine (CPAP) may also be prescribed to help you sleep. Most clinics do not have these items at hand but they will refer you to a company that offers them. Also, you may be referred to a surgeon, therapist or even a dentist depending on your needs.

How do you find a sleep clinic?

If you are experiencing difficulty in sleeping, you may begin by visiting your primary care provider who will provide the initial help and refer you to the best person to address your needs. You can alternatively find a registered sleep clinic in your region. The Canadian Sleep Society has a list of Canadian insomnia treatment providers, dental sleep medicine providers, and sleep disorders centers to help you locate local sleep clinics. Simply key in your postal code or address and the interactive map will find the nearest sleep centre for you.

Visiting a sleep centre is the first step to having a well rested night. Also purpose to read about sleep and sleep disorders, insomnia management, and other books on sleep written by Canadian sleep experts to get current scientific as well as clinical developments concerning this disorder.

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