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4 Benefits of Short Term Rentals

Most renters are aware that landlords typically ask you to sign a lease that lasts for 12 months. While this generally provides needed stability for both the tenant and the landlord, you may not always want or need to stay in the same place for more than a month or two. Let’s take a look at the how a short term rentals can be beneficial for those looking for a place to stay.

1. You Generally Only Need 30 Days Notice

If you have a month-to-month lease with your landlord, you generally only need to provide 30 days notice that you are leaving. This means that you aren’t locked into paying rent on an apartment that doesn’t meet your needs or locked into giving money to a landlord who doesn’t care about his or her obligations to you. It also gives you an easy way out of your lease if your landlord sells the home that you are renting or the apartment complex that you live in changes owners. You can learn more at the City Gate Suites website.

2. You Can Move Freely for Work or Personal Reasons

With a shorter lease term, you can move across the country to take a new job or just because you prefer to see another part of the world. In some cases, landlords who provide short-term rentals will give the option to rent furnished apartments. That means that you don’t have to worry about loading a moving van or worrying about what happens to items that can’t fit in your car when it’s time to leave your current apartment.

3. You Have Temporary Shelter In an Emergency

A short-term rental can be a great option when the closing on a new home falls through or is pushed back for a couple of weeks. It can also be a great option when your home is destroyed in a natural disaster or is undergoing significant repairs that make it too dangerous to live in. Those who have had a falling out with a parent or spouse can live in a furnished apartment for a few weeks or months until the relationship is restored or you find a more permanent solution.

4.  You Won’t Ruin Your Reputation When Money Is Tight

Instead of being kicked out of your apartment because you can’t pay your rent, you can simply move if your current arrangement gets too expensive. This allows you to preserve your credit score as well as your ability to rent an apartment in the future as you won’t have any evictions on your record.

If you are looking for convenience and flexibility when it comes to your living arrangement, a short-term rental may be in your best interest. Instead of being locked into an expensive lease, you give yourself the freedom to change your living situation by giving 30 days notice to your landlord with no questions asked.

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