Travel Clinic Toronto: What to Know Before you Go

Health Considerations Before you Jet Set

Travelling to exotic destinations is exciting and getting vaccinated may be the last thing on your mind before heading off on vacation. Because many areas of the world pose significant health risks, travellers to locations outside of Canada and the United States may be at increased risk of illness or disease. Travel immunizations aren’t worth skipping and a visit to a  travel clinic Toronto before you pack your bags will be the best safeguard against harmful diseases and infections.

Are You Covered

What Shots do I need?

Vaccinations protect you against many travel-related infections from parasites to malaria and other diseases that travellers may be exposed to around the globe. One of the most frequently asked questions travellers ask of travel clinics is “what shots do I need?” Although it depends on where you are travelling and what health risks you will be exposed to, travel medicine experts at a travel health clinic in Toronto will do their best to help protect you for your upcoming travels.

As a general rule, travellers should be up to date on all routine vaccinations. A travel clinic in Toronto will also recommend additional immunizations depending on your destination. When planning travel vaccinations, a travel clinic for Toronto travellers will go through the entire travel itinerary and will consider several factors including:The country you are visiting – vaccines and medications are based on destinations.

When you will be travelling – some diseases are more common at certain times of the year.
Urban versus rural – many infections are only found in rural areas, while others are more prevalent in urban settings.
Where you are staying – if you are staying in hostels, you may be more at risk than if you are staying in a five star hotel.
How long you will be away – the longer you plan to be away, there is a greater risk of being exposed to more diseases.
Your age and health – some people are more vulnerable to infections than others depending on age and general health.
Activities you will be doing – there may be increased risk of illness if you will be spending a lot of time trekking in rural areas.
Contact with animals – you may be at risk of getting diseases that are spread by animals.

Have a safe travel

Some countries only recommend getting vaccinated prior to your arrival, while others require vaccination as a condition of entry and request health records for verification. A travel clinic Toronto will determine vaccination requirements, administer inoculations and provide you with the necessary documentation. Be sure to consult a travel medicine expert four to six weeks before your trip for a complete risk assessment.